Turn View Port Maps On/Off

A simple script that wrote quite some time ago. It seems to have a great deal of staying power as artists continure to use it on a daily basis. It is very simple and only has a few options. At the moment it support standard materials and V-Ray materials including nested Multi Sub-Materials. If there are any other types of materials that you would like me to implement just let me know, even though I may not use them I am more than happy to add them for the sake of completeness.

Turn View Port Maps On/Off Screen Capture

I hope it helps you out. If you have any ideas for features to add just leave me a comment.

You can download the below:


To install just copy “TurnViewPortMapsOn.ms” to your 3dsmaxroot/Scripts directory and then run the included macro (“turnViewPortMapsOn_Macro.ms”. Once the macro has been run you can find the script under the category “Daves Tools”.


29/07/2010  I have updated the version for download. Changes include:

  • I have fixed the problem that lead to bump maps not being turned off and on.
  • I have Added support for MR Arch Design material s.



20 Responses to “Turn View Port Maps On/Off”
  1. kinower says:

    very good this plugin
    I use it a lot, but one thing it would be good.
    does not work with maps vraydirt

  2. Dave says:

    I will look into adding support for it.


  3. Tim says:

    Thanks so much!

    For the past week, this has been a big problem for me. I decided to search for it on scriptspot.com when I found that you had posted it only yesterday! It did EXACTLY what I needed.

  4. Stenio says:

    Hi, Dave.
    Are you going to add support for Mental ray – Arch & Design?

  5. Dave says:

    Hi Stenio,

    I will be adding support for the A&D shaders over the next few days.


  6. dmi3iy says:

    Thx for usefull script!

  7. Hasmet says:

    Thanks a lot, Just the thing i was looking for.

  8. Steve Mouchel says:

    Great plugin but I hate these floating toolbars. Can you make an option to dock it please?

  9. Perfect,

    what a great script, thanks a million


  10. Robin says:

    Hi ,
    could you please add support for vray2sided material…this would be great !!

  11. Dave says:

    Yep, I will update it today.


  12. Christiaan says:

    Love your tools dave, I was thinking of a script to change from the viewport showing object colour to material colour (ie maps shown) hopefully this will do the trick


  13. Dave says:

    Thanks glad I can help!


  14. ozgunella says:

    great tool!!! you saved my life today . thanks

  15. Justin says:

    If you have 3000 instanced objects using one shader, this appears to try and change each one? The listener dialog is going nuts telling me they all can’t be updated.

    Does this work with vRayMultisubtex and gradient ramp flags? I have a very complicated shader with a gradient ramp being driven by a texture and each flag has it’s own composite map inside of a color correction. :) I’m guessing this is what’s causing it not to work. My interest is in the global ability to turn all in viewport maps OFF only.


  16. nickolay says:

    I have multisub shader with 990 vray diffuse sub materials! WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!! Nice Script! Thank you!

  17. jogaloca says:

    Very useful script Thank you !!!

  18. Adriano says:

    Hey Dave, thanks, very handy script. It works well for me in 2014 sp5 when evaluating the script manually in the script editor. Cheers!

  19. Niro says:

    Link to donwload is off :(

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