Collapse Geometry

Over the years I have written a bunch of scripts for collapsing geometry, especially since I started working with CAD files more often. I finally had some time to wrap them all up into one interface for easy use.

Collapse Geometry Screen capture

Collapse Geometry

The collapse tool is very simple to use, you can collapse the selected objects only, by material, layers or an individual layer. Most importantly it has been optimised for collapsing large object counts. A progress bar is displayed so you know Max is still doing something, unlike the standard collapse tool were you often wonder if Max is still working or it has crashed. You can also hit escape to stop as well.

By default it will do a scene hold before the collapsing starts. Max’s undo function is also turned off to increase performance and memory usage. Both of these options can be turned off or on. I am currently adding the option to create a multi sub mat for the collapsed geometry. It is mostly working at the moment but needs further refinement and optimisation before it is released.

You can download the current version here:

Download: [download id=”4″ format=”1″]

As usual if you have suggestions or run into any trouble please post a comment below.


14 Responses to “Collapse Geometry”
  1. geort45 says:

    Hi! I’ve been needing something like this for a long time, but was to lazy to do it myself :P! Now you saved me from the great chore of collapsing cad blocks endlessly, thanks!

  2. alberto says:

    Hi, this script is amazing!!!!!!!!

  3. giovanni says:

    Awesome script, very useful, thanks!!

  4. Keith says:

    Nice script! I think another useful feature would be for it to automatically collapse all children when a parent object is selected. For example, in a CAD hierarchy a top level node is selected, either a mesh node or dummy node, it collapses all of it’s children and the new object is named the selected object’s name. This would speed up greatly optimizing a scene of imported CAD data.

  5. Dave says:

    Should not be a problem to add.

  6. Graymond says:

    Hi !!

    Is “DANDG_Collapse” same the Collapse Geometry ? ? ?

    I would like to attach a lot of Geometry !

    I would like to attach at once !

  7. Dave says:

    Sure is!

  8. jinj says:

    Hi, i was looking for such a script… thank you a lot
    maybe could you add the possibility to collapse to other kind of geometries?
    i use nurbs and bodyobject and some modifier don’t affect the geometry type like x-form, uvmap etc.
    it would be great if one could chose between more type. thank you in advance and anyway ;)

  9. I want to say thank you very much this is the best script i have ever had in long time.
    it just saved me over 4 hours of work and suffering thanks thanks thanks a million

  10. Barbiturat says:

    THX, man! Great useful script! )

  11. Dave says:

    Thanks glad it helps you!

  12. Elwood says:

    Thank you for sharing! However – the script is very slow for me, even with small amounts of objects. I’m on Max 2010, Win7, 4ghz i7 with 16gb of ram. What could be the problem?

  13. jmC says:

    thank you…
    I spent half a day swearing and sweating to get this thing done and thanks to your script.. . well it is done in less than a minute.
    thanks again

  14. Justin says:

    Hi there. First, thanks for the script. It’s pretty fast, but I am having one issue. On just about every large collapse that I do, some of my random UVs are being thrown out. I have say 900+ objects that span across 30 UV spaces mari/UDIM style, and when using your script, some of them just become default mapped well outside of the typical uv space (largely scaled up). Do you have any idea why? I’m using max 2012. Any help is appreciated.

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