3ds max Peeling Paint

This was a very quick test a did some time ago. I client wanted to see some example of car animation so I quickly knocked these out. The peeling effect was kind of cool and something that I would like to revisit one day. It was achieved with a bit of scripting and using the path deform modifier given the time frame that is done in I was reasonably happy with the results.

The below test was really just to test some camera moves and animation.

Both clips were rendered using Mental Ray in 3ds max. The render times were very quick only 1-3mins per frame. Overall the the clips were turned around in about 2 days. In anyone would like a tutorial on how achieve the effect then please let me know!



3 Responses to “3ds max Peeling Paint”
  1. SIL says:

    Wow! Very curious how it was done:)

  2. ANTi says:

    What he said^^ I have a school project where we’re going to model a room and render it as realistic as possible. What I want to do is an old room with old painted walls where the paint is peeled of in some areas. I’m guessing this is the effect I would need to achieve a good final result.

  3. parth says:

    its really cool effect. sir/madam i have class project and i would really appreciate if u can please show me how did you do.

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