V-Ray Simple Set GI Paths

Continuing my theme of releasing  simple and useful scripts, I thought I would release this simple tool for quickly setting both Irradiance Map and Light Cache auto save and from file paths. When you are submitting jobs to be rendered this is one of those tedious things that you need to do which lends it self to human error as it is very easy to point a path to the wrong location (we have all done it)…

It has a very simple interface, basically you set the path where you would like the GI passes to be saved, type in a name and hit the button. This will set the paths for light cache and Irradiance maps. I have also added some quick options for swapping the modes of GI passes.

The screen shot below should you give you the gist of what is going on.


V-Ray Set GI Paths

V-Ray Set GI Paths

You can download the script here.

Download: [download id=”5″ format=”1″]

This tool was actually extracted from our (Our Vision) custom Network Rendering Submitter I  wrote which basiclly did all of this automatically. It would submit a GI only job and then send the final rendering as a dependant job. This little tool sped up our workflow a great deal.  You can check it out below.

Deadline Quick Submit

Deadline Quick Submit


Oh and for those who have been asking it only works with Deadline from Thinkbox Software. I am planning an entire post related to this tool including some tips for when working with the Deadline scripts.




5 Responses to “V-Ray Simple Set GI Paths”
  1. Stefan says:

    Very nice, thnx :)

  2. jacob says:

    Thx, very nice.
    Would it be possible to get a copy of your “Deadline Quick Submit” script, I could really use it (have been trying to make something similar, but without any success) so it would be very handy *-)

  3. Dave says:

    Unfortunately I can not release that script. I would be more than happy to write an example script if you like. Was there anything in particular you were having trouble with regarding deadline submission?


  4. jacob says:


    It is more like a simple script to set: Setup GI – submit GI – setup render – submit render.

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