Tutorial – Fusion, Zdepth, EXR’s, 3dsmax

10. Adjust the settings to get the desired effect

It is AMAZING how often people ask me about this. I wrote a tutorial way back in 2010 about how to use Z-Depth passes in Fusion. To this day it still gets a lot of traffic. However, that tutorial is somewhat out of date and seems to be causing more confusion than clarity. So here is […]

7 Things to know in Fusion


Below is a short collection of a few features in Digital Fusion that I use on a daily basis. Often they are over looked or forgotten about. For those of you who are experienced fusion operators or compositors then you will most likely had have heard about and used these features many times before, those of you […]

Audi S5 Burnout

This a scene I put together a year or so ago to show case my new car rig. It is a very simple animation with only a few key frames used to generate the animation, everything else is handled by the rig. You can see the animation in the below. Keen observers will notice that the one […]

Using Z-Depth Render passes in Fusion


This is question I get on a almost weekly basis, how can I use my Z-Depth pass in fusion. For those of us who have been compositing for some time it is a dead simple thing to do but for those of you who are learning to composite or even just new to Fusion or […]

Maxscript, speed up your workflow


Every day I get asked if a can whip up a script for this or a script that etc. More often than not I just walk over to the artist machine and do a very simple type in, maybe a few lines at most and that will solve their problem. Now not that I mind […]