Our Vision is hiring!

ourvision_wylde street_02

This is great opportunity to work in a unique and awesome office with a great bunch of people. Great work life balance, beers on Friday. We have built an excellent infrastructure to enable great artists to create amazing work. If you’re a senior who fancies a change of pace, get in touch! We would love to have a […]



I am really digging the run of awesome space related content the world keeps churning out. We have had Interstellar, the Rosetta mission and the Ambition short that went with it. Now a new short (above) which is ticking all my awesome buttons. It’s space based eye candy and I love it. I would love […]

Fusion 7.5, aww yeah.


As someone who has owned a Fusion seat for years now I was very excited to hear  Blackmagic Design had bought Eyeon, to be honest Fusion 7 had taken a long time to materialise and I was faced with the choice between coughing up some coin to upgrade to Fusion 7 or just jumping ship […]



Ambition is a short film created to highlight the importance and achievement of the Rosetta mission thus far and it is truly epic. I love space, sci-fi, short films and everything Platige Image does generally pretty bloody awesome. It was directed by Tomek Baginski, his Oscar nominated short film The Cathedral was one of the reasons I wanted […]

Skies – Tell me how you don’t want more skies in your library…


If there is one thing I know, it is the insatiable need for 3d artists to collect textures, models, backgrounds, hdrs, reference and just about anything else for their “libraries”. Just incase you need it right? Given that I thought I would post some more skies for everyone to download. I have done this before just […]

Mezzo – In between the city and village.


Just a quick look and some recent work we (Our Vision – where I work) are doing for the Mezzo project in Glebe. Situated between city and its surrounding village areas this beautiful development has an excellent mix of park, village and city life which were the main themes that we echoed in our content. Using a […]

The Winner is Spring Cove!


I am very pleased to announce that the work by Our Agency and Our Vision completed on Spring Cove was recently recognised by UDIA NSW with an Award for Excellence in Marketing. It’s always good to know that the work we do is appreciated and even better when it has been recognised by our peers and industry […]

Unity 5!

Unity 5

I really love Unity, I have owned a pro license since version 3.5 and I have to say version 5 looks awesome!  Check out the announcement video below: There are many new features which are going to make this a killer release. Real time GI for starters, along with the audio tools but I have […]

HDR Sets – Review, of sorts

HDR Sets

So, the other day I was browsing Max Underground as usual when this post caught my eye. Seeing as I often waste spend my time creating renders of cars I like, I am always on the look out for great HDRs I can use. As you will see below HDR Sets products are second to none. […]

Highpoint Animation – Our Vision Sydney

Highpoint Hurstville

Last year Our Vision complete an animation for Highpoint project in Hurstville. This animation was turned around pretty quickly and came together without much trouble at all. Along with the film, Our Vision also produced a number high res still images. The project was created with 3dsmax and rendered in V-Ray as usual. You can check […]