Turn View Port Maps On/Off

Turn View Port Maps On

A simple script that wrote quite some time ago. It seems to have a great deal of staying power as artists continure to use it on a daily basis. It is very simple and only has a few options. At the moment it support standard materials and V-Ray materials including nested Multi Sub-Materials. If there […]

Maxscript, speed up your workflow


Every day I get asked if a can whip up a script for this or a script that etc. More often than not I just walk over to the artist machine and do a very simple type in, maybe a few lines at most and that will solve their problem. Now not that I mind […]

3D Library Management


I was discussing my Library Management software for handling 3d assets in a blog entry I wrote  on the Ivolve Studios blog. I thought that I might take a moment to expand on the technical aspects of it a bit further. Over the years asset management or library management has become an ever more challenging problem. Commercial solutions […]