The Winner is Spring Cove!


I am very pleased to announce that the work by Our Agency and Our Vision completed on Spring Cove was recently recognised by UDIA NSW with an Award for Excellence in Marketing. It’s always good to know that the work we do is appreciated and even better when it has been recognised by our peers and industry […]

Unity 5!

Unity 5

I really love Unity, I have owned a pro license since version 3.5 and I have to say version 5 looks awesome!  Check out the announcement video below: There are many new features which are going to make this a killer release. Real time GI for starters, along with the audio tools but I have […]

HDR Sets – Review, of sorts

HDR Sets

So, the other day I was browsing Max Underground as usual when this post caught my eye. Seeing as I often waste spend my time creating renders of cars I like, I am always on the look out for great HDRs I can use. As you will see below HDR Sets products are second to none. […]

Highpoint Animation – Our Vision Sydney

Highpoint Hurstville

Last year Our Vision complete an animation for Highpoint project in Hurstville. This animation was turned around pretty quickly and came together without much trouble at all. Along with the film, Our Vision also produced a number high res still images. The project was created with 3dsmax and rendered in V-Ray as usual. You can check […]

Red Bull F1 Spot

Red Bull Racing

  One of my great passions is Formula 1 and seeing as Red Bull Racing has had an Australian driver they are also my team. Any way, back on topic. I really love this spot it combines two my passions, 3d and F1. Check it below. ) I am not sure who made it but I like […]

Custom S5 – Everything is better in black

Custom Audi S5

This is a quick render I did the other day. It was rendered in V-Ray and comped in Fusion. My only thought when I started this image was everything looks better in black which is definitely true when it comes to cars. The gold stag on the number plate is the Mackenzie stag. I will have a making […]

Bringing Smaug to life


I really liked this quick video from Weta showing some of the phenomenal work on Smaug in the latest Hobbit film. You can check out below. If you are interested in a more in depth discussion about their work, FXGuide has a great article here along with a great podcast that interviews a bunch of guys […]

3d Printing for Special Effects

Legacy Effects

This is cool. Seriously Cool. This quick look at Legacy effects 3d printing workflow is bloody awesome.  Not really much else to say other than check it out! Also take some time to have a flick through there website, they have some really nice work on their site. There is something really cool about physical props. […]

Ocean Water Test – HOT4MAX

Hot4Max Render Test

  So a little while ago I wrote a quick article about a plugin I purchased called HOT4MAX . Long story short, this a very short render test of the plugin. I put the test together in about an hour, as you can no doubt tell by the camera animation. I can report, that the plugin […]

Life After Pi

Hollywood Ending

As many of you are no doubt aware last year R&H went bust and then a week late they won an Oscar. I am not going to go into much more detail about the sequence of events that took place before and after the Oscars as it has been very well covered in the 3d […]