I thought this was worth a mention. The guys at Ephere have been working on an exciting project that looks quite promising. What looks like a node interface for creating plug-ins for max has the potential to make the SDK even more accessible to artists and TDs. I am assuming the plug-ins it creates are using their […]

Meet Larry, the 3dsmax layer manager.


Why build a new layer manager? 3d Studio Max has had a layer manager for a long, long time. It works very well for what it is, however, as scenes over the years have grown large and complex the layer manager has not evolved to over come this. Scenes these days have more levels of […]

3dsmax Update – The Game Changing .Net SDK Wrapper

3ds Max 2012 Render Passes/State Sets Interface

I was very please to read what will be in the next 3dsmax Subscription Advantage pack due out in late September. Autodesk has added some very welcome new features including: Render Pass System, which lets you brake down your scene into render passes. It has a great interface for managing this including an intuitive tree view for […]