Ocean Water Test – HOT4MAX

Hot4Max Render Test

  So a little while ago I wrote a quick article about a plugin I purchased called HOT4MAX . Long story short, this a very short render test of the plugin. I put the test together in about an hour, as you can no doubt tell by the camera animation. I can report, that the plugin […]

3ds max Peeling Paint

S5 Feature Image

This was a very quick test a did some time ago. I client wanted to see some example of car animation so I quickly knocked these out. The peeling effect was kind of cool and something that I would like to revisit one day. It was achieved with a bit of scripting and using the path deform […]

Ferrari F430 – Revisited


I actually did this animation quite some time ago and have been meaning to post it. Like the still rendering I am still not quite sure about the final finish. I have much larger vision of what this animation could be and it is still something I would like to complete and realise. Perhaps one day […]

Audi R8


This image was created in 3d Studio Max and rendered with Mental Ray. The brief was to create simple and sleek look that could be used for whole range of future marketing exercises.